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Therasa Bell

President & CTO
Passion for accurate patient information and quality healthcare inspires me daily, as a leader in the healthcare information technology space. Inofile is innovating and implementing technology to bring substantial change to the way providers manage patient information and integrate with legacy workflows. Years of standards development, board membership and interoperability exploration give Kno2 principle partners unique insight into the areas most needy of a custom technology solution.

We are most passionate about taking electronic records a step closer to completion by bringing structure to unstructured content. Kno2's patented embedded technology is driving broad interoperability to healthcare...across technology and across the care continuum.

It is our goal to grow Kno2 and better serve the healthcare community through strategic partnership, getting our products in the hands of those who will benefit most from them. This includes EMR vendors, hardware suppliers, and other messaging partners. To join in the conversation or discuss partnership, please feel free to contact me at the information listed in my profile.