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Kyle Sale

CEO & Co-Founder
Kyle is an authentic leader with a strong track record in technology, marketing, and executive
leadership. Kyle’s broad experience spans turning around technology companies for private
equity investors to building globally distributed search products for Fortune 500 firms.
Kyle started his career as an R&D engineer but quickly realized he was as interested in who the
product was for and how it would go to market as we was about designing it. After spending 18
months scaling production of a consumer product in China he decided to move to Scotland to
get an MBA and has been sitting at the intersection of technology, marketing, and strategy in
executive roles ever since.
Having run companies for private equity and having been involved in multi-billion dollar
acquisitions Kyle understands the ocean of questions and unknowns involved in the diligence
process. His passion is to ensure that diligence teams are asking the right questions and getting
impactful answers for the benefit of the investors and the acquired company which includes their
employees, vendors, partners and customers.
Kyle is laser focussed on building InquireOf as a lean organization with a culture aligned on
shared values rallied around the purpose of leveraging technology to connect humanity to bring

My Speakers Sessions

Thursday, October 10

10:00am MDT