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Danielle Horras

University of Idaho
Director of Strategic Initiatives
Danielle is responsible for driving the implementation of partnerships, programs and projects that support the University of Idaho’s strategic plan in Southwest Idaho. This multifaceted role combines project management and hands on working with academic unit leaders to align strategic goals and execute in parallel. 

She serves the University and the southwest region of Idaho by facilitating forward thinking collaborative partnerships between internal stakeholders and external leaders in the region. Danielle has a proven leadership ability to influence and motivate constituencies spanning multiple organizational boundaries. 

She promotes the university’s brand and positioning through active involvement in strategically targeted business and civic groups.

Danielle is an experienced facilitator with a demonstrated ability to understand high level, organizational needs and turn that analysis into actionable, innovative solutions.

She is also a consultant with the Center for Management and Organizational Effectiveness, where she connects with companies seeking ways to help their people go beyond their current abilities. 

As a facilitator, she uses research-based methods and customized content to achieve the organization’s desired outcomes. She is able to realign the organization, its people, and their actions with critical business imperatives and specific objectives. Danielle’s approach teams just the right content with the creative thinking needed to address complex organizational issues.